Hydration Station

We all know the 8 glasses of water a day rule, but is that really enough to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated? Well, unfortunately, dermatologist Katie Rodan says no (1), due to the fact that water has to travel through your whole body system before it starts hydrating your skin cells. And then you need a fab moisturiser to help your skin keep it in!

So you ask, what should we be doing to keep us looking 10 years younger? Well, my friends, I’ve got three sexy words for you: Cholesterol, Acid and Ceramides. And they are all part of your skin!


Ok well, there might be a little more to it than that.  Dermatologist Sherry Ingraham explains that “Cholesterol is one of the most common lipids in our body, giving our cells structure and fluidity”(2). Sadly, this doesn’t mean you get to lather extra butter on your toast, as cholesterol should be topically applied and can be found in many moisturisers and cleansers.


Acid isn’t as crazy as it sounds either, the ones you are looking for are “fatty acids” like the ones found in rosehip and grapeseed oils. All regulars in the beauty aisle.


Last but not least, ceramides are the goodies in your skin that retain moisture, and therefore keep your skin looking and feeling amaze!


Doctor Dendy Engelman explained to The Huffington Post Australia that “collectively these lipids act like mortar in a brick wall, with the ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids binding skin cells – which are the "bricks" in this analogy.”(4)


So, by including this triple threat in your beauty routine you can bet your reflection will be popping up after reciting “mirror, mirror on the wall”.



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Photographer: Kelly Geddes

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